Auction conditions

Auction on Friday November 3rd 2017

  1. The sale is final upon immediate payment in Swiss francs. Invoices are due with the billing date. A commission is payable in addition to the price bid. This is computed as follows: 18 % on a successful bid up to CHF 299'999.–, 16% on a successful bid of CHF 300'000.– and more. The commission is subject to Swiss VAT (value added tax) that must be paid by the purchaser.
  2. Lots labeled with «*» indicate that the commission as well as the selling price are subject to Swiss VAT. Buyers who submit a legally valid, stamped confirmation of export will receive a refund of the VAT charged on such objects.
  3. During the preview, it is possible to inspect the condition of the auction goods. However, this will not be permitted on the day of the auction. Therefore, a visit of the preview is recommended.
  4. Potential buyers who cannot attend the auction in person may submit written bids. The auctioneer will bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount of the written bid submitted.
    Telephone bidding during the auction is permitted upon agreement. This requires a signed, written bid for the minimum price which has to be on hand at least 24 hours prior to the start of the auction.

    Normally calling starts by the lower estimated price. Bids beneath that price will not be successful.
  5. The items are described to the best of our knowledge and according to the information that has been provided to us. The buyer accepts all liability. Therefore, a close inspection of the items, during the preview, is recommended.
  6. As for the stated prices in the catalogue: The higher price is a non-binding estimated price, the lower price designates the lowest possible bid.
  7. All bidders are requested to ask for a personal numbered bidder card and must deposit their personal data at the reception desk ahead of the auction. An accepted bid commits to purchase. Each bidder is personally liable and is committed to his or her bid until outbid. Double bids can be declared again. In case of doubt, the people in charge of the auction will decide.
  8. The auctioneer is at liberty to refuse a bid without providing reasons.
  9. The customer does not have ownership rights until payment is made in full. Liability passes to the customer upon a successful bid.
  10. If the customer fails to make prompt payment, the auctioneer may cancel the purchase agreement without notice. Upon cancellation, the auctioneer is completely free in the use of the item. The successful bidder has no right of potential extra earnings. The successful bidder is liable for any damages and incurred expenses, particularly for a loss.
  11. The auctioned items must be picked up at our gallery on Unterstrasse 11, St. Gallen, by  November 17th 2017. With announcement in advance, foreign customers may purchase their auctioned items cash down during the auction.
  12. The purchaser is responsible for shipping. The purchaser bears all charges and risks.
    Delivery will occur upon receipt of payment.
  13. The objects are auctioned in the name and in charge of a third party. Bids, calls and conclusions beneath possible existing limits are allowed. Therefore items may be awarded without actually being sold.
  14. The auctioneer reserves the right to combine, separate or omit numbered lots in the catalogue or to offer them out of sequence.
  15. Complaints have to be communicated within 14 days after the successful bid. Omnibus volumes, serial works and magazines are excluded from any complaint. Since we auction by order of a third party that may rely on our conditions any retraction of objects at a later date is not permitted.
  16. Swiss law applies. The courts of St. Gallen have jurisdiction for both parties.
  17. The purchaser acknowledges and agrees to these conditions.